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Malando (Arie Maasland) & His Orchestra

Malando was born in Rotterdam as Arie Maasland on May 26, 1908. He was greatly attracted to music as a boy, and was given piano lessons for six years by a well-known choirmaster, Jan Kriek. His first orchestra was formed while he was still at school. But initially there was no question of him taking up music as a career. His first job was that of junior clerk in an office, and his first ambition was to become a draughts-man. He followed a course to this end, but.... "I put more music notes on my paper than lines", he confesses. The fact was, of course, that he was too much in "line" with music, and at 24 he joined a popular Dutch combo known as The Jumping Jacks, first as drummer and later as pianist. He remained with the sextet for six years, during which time he made a serious study of music theory, arranging and the accordion. He also developed a passion for Latin-American music and became an acknowledged expert in the field. His first composition "Opus I" and his tango "Annie" were written in 1935, the latter being dedicated to his fiancee, whom he married a year later. Their daughter, born in 1937 is married to the Dutch drummer Evert Overweg. In 1937, too, Malando wrote the work which is still regarded as his best, "Ole Guapa". It is claimed that there is not a dance orchestra in the world which does not play it regularly. But the same could be said of many of his tangos, rumbas and mambos. Among his best-known are Bonita Nina, Guapita, Senuelo, Ave Cantore, Sabiendas, Cielo Nublado, Dinita, Plaza de toros, El Picador, the paso-doble Flor de Pasion, Porque te Vas (acclaimed in Spain as "La sensacion del ano"), Noche de Estrellas, and the light-classic Suite Cantellana for 18-piece orchestra. The Malando Orchestra was formed in 1939, and in the years following it gained great international renown as a tango and rumba orchestra. It has toured extensively throughout Europe, including Spain, and has made numerous radio and television appearances. ItS. Record output is tremendous, more than 200 having been released so far. The latest is a second LP consisting of Japanese melodies with a Dutch-touch Latin-American flavour. It was produced to mark the second (three-week) tour of Japan in April, 1967. This album of "Tropical Memories" has been created in realization of Malando's musical imaginations of popular Indonesian traditional and folksongs of widespread aboriginal fame given his own Malando-Touch in the Latin-American style.

Tropical MemoriesTropical Memories

Malando & His Orchestra

Label: Philips PY 844 049

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